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Low-noise, adjustable power supplies for industry and university labs, circuit development and testing, robotics, and automation. Voltwerks supplies are small, portable and ideal for low-voltage board bring-up and evaluation. In-stock and ready to ship!

VoltWerks VW0 Adjustable Lab Supply with accessories

VoltWerks VW0 Adjustable Lab Supply with accessories
VoltWerks supplies provide adjustable low-noise DC power for lab and system use - an incredibly useful tool for anyone working with low voltage circuits..
$ 39.00

VoltWerks Power Supplies are unique in the industry. Here are just a few of the features that you'll find in our power supplies:

  • No clunky knobs, no programming, no keypads.
  • Precision adjustment to 10mV or better.
  • Current trip, not current limit. If the current exceeds the set-point then power is cut, not limited (VW1 model)
  • Dual LCD readouts of voltage and current (VW1 model)
  • Convenient USB power input 
  • Small Size (just 4.21” x 1.43” x 0.91”)
  • Low-noise linear regulator (not switching) for use with analog stages such as amplifiers and ADCs.

The VoltWerks Story

VoltWerks power supplies were launched in 2014 on Kickstarter. Here's the original Kickstarter video that explains the design objectives, prototype development and features.

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