NEW! VoltWerks Constructor - Prototyping Platform
NEW! VoltWerks Constructor - Prototyping Platform
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Constructor Hardware Essentials Kit
Revely Microsystems

Constructor Hardware Essentials Kit

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Get 12 hardware items and a Phillips #1 screwdriver in the VoltWerks constructor big kit. The Flambeau storage box keeps everything organized. Use and re-use hardware on all your constructor projects.

Order this kit with and a couple of base boards and you're ready to build!

Item Qty Use
Screw M2.5 x 4mm 50 Connect items to offset standoffs
Screw M2.5 x 6mm 40 Connect items to offset standoffs
Screw Threadforming #2 x 1/4" 120 Secure items to base boards
Screw M3.0 x 12mm 35 Mounting feet and posts
Nut Hex M3 35 Mounting feet
Hook and loop strap 1/4" wide 3 feet Secure cables, modules, etc.
Rubber foot 10mm  24 Foot for base board
Aluminum post 32mm (10x10) M3 tap 16 Stacking bases, enclosure corners
Hold-down 10mm 30 Secure hook and loop to base 
Offset standoff M2.5 50 Mounting PCBs to base
Spacer nylon 2.5mm 30 Use for extra mounting clearance 
Washer 2.5mm ID Fiber 40 For gripping edges and for spacers
Screwdriver Philips #1 precision 1 Installs all screws included in kit

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